When my daughter Catie was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 6, I thought that life, as we knew it had ended. 


I couldn’t imagine feeling joy or happiness or peace again. But Catie managed to turn her cancer diagnosis into an unexpected adventure. And I was along for the ride. 

Catie viewed life as an exciting journey. Her cancer never got in her way.

Instead, she took the news of her diagnosis in stride and used it to live not just fully, but magnificently. Catie knew exactly who she was and what she wanted. 


When asked what she would change about her life, she replied, “I wouldn’t change a thing. Not even having cancer because of what I’ve learned, the places I’ve gone and the friends I’ve made.”

Catie was just one of those unique people who had the ability to touch people and make them live a little more splendidly.

This is Catie’s story—and how she changed the world one brilliant moment at a time.